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Vol 4 - Num 08 - August 2015
DevOps Continuous Testing
Air date Thursday, September 22, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT This webcast is available on instant replay by registering below Continuous Testing in a DevOps World Register Now! As we increasingly rely on technology to improve the quality and efficiency of our personal and professional lives, software has become the key business differentiator. Organizations must release software faster, as well as ensure the safety, security, and reliability of their applications. The option to make trade-offs between time and quality no longer exists—software teams must deliver quality and speed. To meet these expectations, businesses have shifted from more traditional...Read More >>
SQE Live Virtual Training
Based upon industry standards and frameworks this course introduces the technology professional to all of the principles,concepts and hands-on best practices necessary to establish comprehensive configuration and release management functions. Discussing both CM as it is practiced in product companies and IT organizations; Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs provide expert guidance on establishing configuration management best practices. Register for this Live Online Class! Join us for a 2-day Configuration Management Best Practices live virtual training November 3rd - November 4th 2015 - 1pm to 4pm ET Instructor: Bob Aiello   Implement effective source code management practices including multiple variants...Read More >>
CM Best Practices Training - Orlando
Join us at the Better Software Conference for Configuration Management Best Practices training Date: Monday, November 9th, 2015 8:30am Register Presented by  Bob Aiello, CM Best Practices Consulting Description Robust configuration management (CM) practices are essential for creating continuous builds to support agile’s integration and testing demands, and for rapidly packaging, releasing, and deploying applications into production use. Classic CM—consisting of identifying system components, controlling changes, reporting the system’s configuration, and auditing—won’t do the trick anymore. Bob Aiello presents an in-depth tour of a more robust and powerful approach to CM consisting of six key functions: source code management,...Read More >>
Continuous Delivery Training Orlando
Join us at the Agile Developers Conference for Continuous Delivery: Rapid and Reliable Releases with DevOps Practices Register Date: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 8:30am DevOps is an emerging set of principles, methods, and practices that empower teams and organizations to rapidly deploy systems and application updates while maintaining and even improving quality. By lowering barriers between development, testing, and operations, DevOps practices can add tremendous business value to software projects and systems. Bob Aiello explains how to prepare for and implement continuous delivery in both agile and non-agile environments employing industry standard processes and automatedframeworks. Bob shares DevOps...Read More >>
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