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Vol 5 - Num 01 - January 2016
Israeli Tech Firms
Bob Aiello visits technology firms from time to time to discuss configuration management and DevOps best practices. The next trip to Israel (e.g. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) will focus on DevOps and Cybersecurity and will be in the September/October 2016 timeframe.  If you are interested in meetting to discuss CM, DevOps & Cybersecurity best practices, then please send an email to bob.aiello@ieee.org NEW!!! - let us know if you would like to participate in our new audio and video interviews on technology and innovation! Bob http://www.linkedin.com/in/BobAiello                        ...Read More >>
IBM developerworks DevOps Security
This article is Published on IBM developerworks as part of a series called DevOps Best Practices.   DevOps best practices: Part 2. Ensure robust and effective information security with DevOps DevOps principles, well known for helping developers and operations to work more effectively together, can be applied to information security, as well. Learn how DevOps can improve information security by applying industry-recognized best practices. Use the DevOps approach to keep systems secure, to prevent system glitches, and to ensure uninterrupted service. DevOps is a set of principles and practices that focus on improving communication and collaboration between...Read More >>
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