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ALM Journal - Vol 3 - Num 12 - December 2014
IEEE Watts Humphrey Award
  Watts S. Humphrey (1927 – 2010)  is widely regarded as one of the foremost thought leaders in software quality and process improvement. Watts authored a number of books on the software development methodology and software process improvement. Humphrey was a Fellow at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon, where he provided the vision for, and early leadership in the development of, the widely used standard for assessing an organization's software development capability, the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). The IEEE Computer Society is Seeking Nominations for the SEI Watts S. Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award If you know...Read More >>
Parasoft Service Virtualization Supports DevOps and QA
Parasoft Service Virtualization Supports DevOps and QA by Bob Aiello DevOps provides a set of principles and practices which enable development and operations teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively. High performance teams which embrace DevOps have been demonstrating that they can deliver quality systems with amazing speed and agility. Many DevOps teams focus on scripting the application build, package and deployment process, resulting in an automated framework, known as the deployment pipeline. Deployment automation enables the organization to enjoy the benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery, significantly enhancing productivity and agility. Nevertheless, improving any process—from software...Read More >>
Parasoft Enables Continuous Testing
New Parasoft Release Enables Continuous Testing and Significantly Expands Test Coverage and Traceability New Release Integrates Service Virtualization, API Testing, Test Lab Management Monrovia, CA - October 28, 2014 - Parasoft announced today the release of a consolidated platform uniting API testing, service virtualization, and test environment management. The new product capabilities allow an organization to "shift left" the testing effort and accelerate the SDLC to meet the growing time-to-market pressure for software applications.   Parasoft's enterprise-grade API Testing solution for testing end-to-end transactions through complex dependent environments (e.g., message brokers, databases, mainframes, ERPs, and other endpoints) has been leading...Read More >>
IBM developerworks DevOps drives QA
This article is Published on IBM developerworks as part of a series called DevOps Best Practices. DevOps best practices: Part 6. Use DevOps to drive quality assurance and testing Quality assurance and testing requires collaboration between many key stakeholders, because of this the DevOps principles of communication and collaboration are beneficial. This article explains how to use DevOps to drive quality assurance and testing and shows you service virtualization testing in practice. Introduction Quality assurance and testing are essential if you want to develop and deliver reliable systems that meet and exceed your customers' expectations. Properly testing...Read More >>
Israel Tech Firms
Bob Aiello visits technology firms from time to time to discuss configuration management and DevOps best practices. The next trip to Israel (e.g. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) will focus on DevOps and Cybersecurity and will be in the September/October 2016 timeframe.  If you are interested in meetting to discuss CM, DevOps & Cybersecurity best practices, then please send an email to bob.aiello@ieee.org NEW!!! - let us know if you would like to participate in our new audio and video interviews on technology and innovation! Bob http://www.linkedin.com/in/BobAiello                        ...Read More >>
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