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ALM Journal - Vol 4 - Num 01 - January 2015
Environment Configuration
Environment Configuration involves managing the compile and runtime dependencies that typically point your application to the correct runtime environment (e.g. QA or Production) and required resources (e.g. QA database). We help you establish environment configuration to support your systems development including managing environment effectively, and where practical, creating and support Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) that monitor existing environment (e.g. open ports) and feed information to the Configuration Management System (CMS)....Read More >>
Application Baselining
Application Baselining Baselining an application is an essential task required to identify all of the compile and runtime dependencies that are necessary to support application build, package and deployment. If you get this right then you will always be able to be certain which version is running in Production (or QA for that matter) at any point. You will also be able to retrieve a specific code milestone and make modifications (e.g. bugfix) in order to make changes to the code without any chance of the code regressing due to the wrong version of a particular header file or other...Read More >>
DevOps Getting Started
DevOps – Getting Started Getting started with DevOps can be quite challenging. Many managers struggle to understand what DevOps is all about and then are even more challenged with beginning the journey. Developers and Operations professionals each have their own style and approach. This is also true for both QA and data security resources too.   Volleyball for Developers DevOps first and foremost involves improving communications between Development and Operations. Too often, the relations between these two teams resembles a volleyball game with Development tossing a release over the net to QA and operations escalating incidents back to development when things...Read More >>
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