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ALM Journal - Vol 4 - Num 02 - February 2015
IBM developerworks DevOps in the Cloud
This article is Published on IBM developerworks as part of a series called DevOps Best Practices. DevOps best practices: Part 5. DevOps in the cloud To realize the true value of cloud-based software development and cloud-based operations, apply DevOps practices to help mitigate the potential pitfalls and risks associated with cloud-based computing. Learn how to use DevOps best practices to ensure that your organization can both use cloud-based development tools and processes and implement scalable, cloud-based operations successfully. Introduction Cloud-based computing promises, and often delivers, capabilities such as scalable, virtualized enterprise solutions, elastic infrastructures, robust services and...Read More >>
Configuration Audit
The Configuration Audit tests and verifies that the correct version of the code (called configuration items or CIs) are in production (or QA, for that matter). There are two types of Configuration Audits. The first is a physical audit that verifies that the correct physical files (e.g. binaries, config) are in place. The second is a functional audit that verifies that the Configuration Items are performing as expected. It is essential that Configuration Management best practices include automated procedures to conduct the configuration audit. This means that you need an automated procedure to extract the unique immutable version ID from...Read More >>
IT Service Operation
IT Service Operation   Businesses today depend upon robust technology solutions that must be able to scale to meet growing demands while simultaneously maintaining near perfect reliability. Effective IT Service Operation helps organizations stay competitive against market forces and competitive demand. IT Service Operation relies upon process automation in order to identify and address potential problems. Establishing effective processes must start with a thorough understanding of the business goals and requirements; well-defined processes are not enough by themselves. IT Service Operation also depends upon robust tools and practices. This article will help you get started with establishing effective IT Service Operations...Read More >>
Building Software to Deploy
Building Software to Deploy The recent swarm of high profile software glitches may lead one to believe that software and systems are so complex today that a few outages here and there is just inevitable. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many fields were software must conform to safety standards and have zero tolerance for error. For example, software in helping to run a nuclear power plan or a missile defense system must never "glitch". Deming pointed out that quality must be built in from the beginning. Relying upon testing to uncover defects is just not a...Read More >>
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