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ALM Journal - Vol 4 - Num 03 - March 2015
CM Best Practices Live Virtual Training
Based upon industry standards and frameworks this course introduces the technology professional to all of the principles,concepts and hands-on best practices necessary to establish comprehensive configuration and release management functions. Discussing both CM as it is practiced in product companies and IT organizations; Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs provide expert guidance on establishing configuration management best practices. Register for this Live Online Class! Join us for a 2-day Configuration Management Best Practices live virtual training November 3rd - November 4th 2015 - 1pm to 4pm ET Instructor: Bob Aiello   Implement effective source code management practices including multiple variants...Read More >>
Securing the Trusted Base
There have been a number of recent incidents where hackers have attacked banks, government agencies and financial services firms. Corporate security experts are hard pressed to react in a timely manner to each and every attack. DevOps provides many techniques including application baselining, build, release and deployment engineering which are essential for detecting and dealing with these problems. This article discusses how to use CM Best Practices to secure the application baseline and help you establish the trusted computing base.   Ken Thompson won the coveted ACM Turing award in 1983 for his contributions to the field of computing....Read More >>
IBM developerworks DevOps drives QA
This article is Published on IBM developerworks as part of a series called DevOps Best Practices. DevOps best practices: Part 6. Use DevOps to drive quality assurance and testing Quality assurance and testing requires collaboration between many key stakeholders, because of this the DevOps principles of communication and collaboration are beneficial. This article explains how to use DevOps to drive quality assurance and testing and shows you service virtualization testing in practice. Introduction Quality assurance and testing are essential if you want to develop and deliver reliable systems that meet and exceed your customers' expectations. Properly testing...Read More >>
Is DevOps Really New?
DevOps is viewed by many as having started at the first DevOps Days Conference which was organized by Patrick Debois. DevOps is also regarded by many to be an outcome of Agile Systems Administration although much of the core DevOps concepts are not new by any means. DevOps highlights the essential partnership of Development and Operations and the synergy that comes from a cross-functional team that empowers both of these key players. Of course cross-functional teams are not new either. So I ask again, “is DevOps really new?”  The concepts in DevOps have...Read More >>
Parasoft Virtualize Supports DevOps and QA
Parasoft Service Virtualization Supports DevOps and QA by Bob Aiello DevOps provides a set of principles and practices which enable development and operations teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively. High performance teams which embrace DevOps have been demonstrating that they can deliver quality systems with amazing speed and agility. Many DevOps teams focus on scripting the application build, package and deployment process, resulting in an automated framework, known as the deployment pipeline. Deployment automation enables the organization to enjoy the benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery, significantly enhancing productivity and agility. Nevertheless, improving any process—from software...Read More >>
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